Countdown to Marathon By The Sea

PortDirectional MAPS  2017(Under Construction – keep checking back for updates)

Port City Challenge (Bib Colour – RED)

Emera Marathon by the Sea (Bib Colour – Blue)
Half Marathon (Bib Colour – Green)
GoodLife Quarter Marthon (Bib Colour – Yellow)

2016 Goodlife 10k (Sunday)
1. Entrance to Market Sq. Boardwalk Red Arrow point toward Board walk and pointing 10 kers on return to finish line Lue McCutchen
2. End of Boardwalk pointing towards Hilton Point Mike and Shelly Long
3. Harbour Passage Entrance pointing people to passage and pointing 10 kers on return towards the passage to stairs Emery Richard
4. On Harbour Passage pointing people along passage at HMCS Brunswicker the way out Kelsey Drummond
5. At end of Passage pointing 10 km runners up left side and half and full to crossover Chesley Dr. Jen Stokes
6. On half and full side of Reversing Falls Bridge watching where Irving trucks enter Paper Mill Connie Bartlett
7. On 10 k side pointing running into Tourism Bureau Parking lot Shelly Cunningham
8. Manawagonish and Dever Rd. pointing runners towards Ocean Westway Tina and Jim McBriarty
9. At end of Ocean Westway pointing runners down Spruce Lake Trail Marlene Falkjar
10. At end of Spruce Lake Trail pointing runners up King William Rd Eric Raynes
11. Ocean Westway and Dever Rd same volunteer crossing runners over Manawagonish Rd Bonny Savoy
12. Two people at Half Marathon turnaround just after Picket St. Ann and David Burpee
13. Two people at crossover at Castle Funeral Home crossing Michelle, Keely, Casey Flanagan
14. At Lancaster and Prince St, pointing Runners down Prince St Mary Arsenault
15. At Prince and Riverside Dr. pointing half and Full runners down Riverside Dr. and 10 k runners down Prince St. to the end Diane Scott
16. At the end of Prince St. to point 10 K runners over path to Market Place St. Maria Conway
17. At Chesley Dr. exit to Harbour Bridge pointing full and half runners up to Main St. and 10 k runners to Chesley Dr Ruth McQuinn
18. On Chesley Drive pointing people towards Fort Latour Drive Maureen Desmond
19. At Lansdowne Ave and Wellsley Ave pointing people down Wellsley Ave Eileen Neil
20. At end of Wellsley pointing people right up Cranston Ave than left up Fifth Michael Desmond
21. At Five Corners pointing people towards Mount Pleasant Sharon Baton
22. At end of Mount Pleasant Ave pointing runners up to Hawthorn Ave Ext Dianna Richard
23. At Rockwood Park trail exit and Arrow Walk Rd. pointing runners to crossover and down past Rockwood Park entrance Mary Ann Farren
24. Need one person at crossover on Crown St, at Shoppers Drug Mart crossing Hartley McCutchen
Added : Smythe Street pointing people off Hilton Point down Smyth St to Harbour Passage Entrance Carol Walsh