Countdown to Marathon By The Sea

Bay of Fundy Running Challenge

“Becoming a “Fundy Runner”

Two highly regarded running events are combining forces to create a new running challenge.

 The challenge begins with The Bay of Fundy International Marathon event held on June 26th and finishes with the Marathon by the Sea on August 12th-14th. All registered participants in the challenge will be rewarded with a very special award at the finish line of their final event to mark their completion Bay of Fundy ChallengeFinishers of races of 10 kms or more in BOTH events will receive a special “Fundy Runner” award in addition to their normal race medals and awards. Fundy Runner Awards will be assigned at three levels depending on the distance completed:

Gold:     Two marathons

Silver:   Two half marathons, or one marathon and one half-marathon or quarter marathon)

Bronze: 1 10K and 1 quarter Marathon, or one half-marathon and one quarter marthon


Runners will be ranked on a published distance and time chart. Rankings will be first by distance and second by time.  For example, the overall champion will complete marathons in both events and may have a cumulative time of 6 hours.  This will rank them higher than a runner completing two half-marathons who has a total time of perhaps 3 hrs 45 mins, etc.


Entry to the Challenge is free and no special sign-up is required, but runners must register and pay for entry into both the Bay of Fundy International and Marathon by the Sea in the normal way. Only runners who have registered for both events by the deadline of midnight 31 May 2016 are eligible for the Challenge.

Crossing the Border

Participation in the Challenge requires running in both Canada and the USA. Runners are advised to verify their passports and admissibility to both Canada and the USA at an early date. Helpful information can be found here: and here: http:/  The organizers are not responsible in any way for any entrant denied admission to either country.

Organizers feel this is a natural fit to further tie the two events together around the scenic coastal views of the Bay of Fundy. Bay of Fundy International Marathon race director John Hough said, “We are excited to join in this new running partnership which cultivates a broader community of runners, races and friendships around the Bay of Fundy.” Mike Doyle, founder of the Marathon by the Sea said, “Having our two events working together in such a cooperative effort not for gain but to give our two running communities the opportunity to celebrate running like never before.”

For more information Contact John Hough  at The bay of Fundy International Marathon
Contact Mike Doyle at Marathon by the sea