Marathon By The Sea Stories Preview

The countdown is on to the 20th running of Marathon By The Sea as already high enthusiasm levels have been sparked by the improving temperatures and the 2014 running season, now in full swing across the province.

This year, to help celebrate this special edition of Marathon By The Sea, we will feature a number of stories from runners of all levels and abilities who will be competing in the various divisions during the weekend of Aug. 8-10.

For example, we will learn of one man who was inspired about MBTS after reading the results of the inaugural race in the newspaper. He was so enthused, he vowed to improve his fitness levels and in doing so, he has competed in every MBTS since.

Another woman, who will run the half marathon this summer, credits her sister for a gentle nudge to take up the sport after last year’s MBTS and by extension, the move has saved her life.

You will also read how another woman took up the sport when her son was in kindergarten and was immediately hooked. This year, she will run the race for the 14th time and feels as joyful, and nervous, now as she did the very first time she entered the event.

You’ll read about how one of the province’s top performers keeps an old picture of himself on his fridge door to remind himself of how far he has come since he took up the sport.

And another man details his experience at MBTS last year, which he called the greatest running event of his life, a career well decorated with leading training runs and participating in marathons and ultramarathons. This just four years after he received a pacemaker that allowed him to continue his love for the sport.

And many more.

The series will start tomorrow and be featured on our website and Facebook page as well as the blog of Kevin Barrett, the volunteer coordinator for this series. It will continue with regular updates right up to the race weekend.